Hello world!

Well this is all very clever, I must say. Finding a name for myself that I could remember and that hadn’t already been nabbed by someone else was more difficult than I’d anticipated. Having worked my way unsuccessfully through most of the RHS Guide to Roses looking for ideas that hadn’t already been taken up by others, I decided that the only thing to do¬† was customise Isfahan (from the damask Rose d’Isfahan – parentage unknown; origin possibly Persian before 1832).

As the main point of this exercise at the moment is to learn how to use WordPress and what it contains and can do, Isfahann -there, I’ve remembered it without checking! – will do me nicely.

I have chosen the appearance of my page – Fjiord 4, I believe although it reminds me of the kind of thing you used to be able to see on some Greek islands.

Enough for now. The next challenge is to try to create a category for this kind of thing to go into. I rather fancy ‘musings’. More anon.

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