A Dream Bike

I encountered this delight at the Bike Show. I’ve no idea of the price, but I’d like one!

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A Summer Plant – Packwood 2011

Yet another plant I don’t know the name for!

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A Friendly Garden Frog

This is really just an experiment to see if I can upload a photo or two.

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An Interesting Web Site

There was an article in this morning’s paper that caught my eye.  101 Words of Wisdom to Whisper to Your Unborn Child. I thought I’d copy them and post them later. Apparently the idea originated with a blog 1001 Rules for My Unborn Son. I’ve posted the link (I hope!)

The information  is at rulesformyunbornson.tumblr.com

Well, in a separate manouvre I appear to have added the Link by using the Links icon at the left hand side of the page and typing in www.rulesformyunbornson.tumblr.com

Now that’s interesting. When I re-typed the address here it came up in blue as a recognised address. Very clever.

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Our Garden Pond and a Resident

Time for a little more practice. It’s Sunday afternoon and the prospect of another week at the chalkface beckons. Although it is only just after 4pm, it’s already beginning to get dark. That said, on Christmas Day it was getting dark by just after 3pm. The bowl of hyacinths is looking very promising  – another ten days and I should think we’ll have some flowers.

Right. Time to insert an image. I took this a couple ofo years ago in high summer but it’s still one of my favourites.


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A Few Photographs of Felines

Time to see if I can insert a couple of photographs!

Well, I seem to have done it, but I’m not sure I’ve done it the right way. I did it by activating the Media icon and then found there’s one further to the left that labelled ‘Image’. Perhaps I should have used that. There’s a pre-loaded image of a photograph and a camera floating about above this bit of typing – it arrived on its own, without invitation but seems well-behaved. Maybe it’s just trying to help.

One of the four photographs failed to appear when I opened  Preview for the first time  (all I had was a little red cross in the corner of an empty frame) but appeared when I went back in.

The cats look well. I’ll need to find one of the Birman to make up the set.

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Well isn’t that clever! I appear to have created the category of MUSINGS and filed my first effort into it. I am not at all sure how I’ve done it, but it’s there. I’ll be interested to see if I can get this bit to go into the same place. If I can, I’m off to make a pot of coffee and a list of everything I should be doing today. WordPress may be going to be very useful indeed! More anon.

Now that’s interesting. Why has using the bold and italic icon turned the print colour red when you view it on the site. I’ve just noticed something at the very bottom that says Forum and Support. Might try experimenting with those later.

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Hello world!

Well this is all very clever, I must say. Finding a name for myself that I could remember and that hadn’t already been nabbed by someone else was more difficult than I’d anticipated. Having worked my way unsuccessfully through most of the RHS Guide to Roses looking for ideas that hadn’t already been taken up by others, I decided that the only thing to do  was customise Isfahan (from the damask Rose d’Isfahan – parentage unknown; origin possibly Persian before 1832).

As the main point of this exercise at the moment is to learn how to use WordPress and what it contains and can do, Isfahann -there, I’ve remembered it without checking! – will do me nicely.

I have chosen the appearance of my page – Fjiord 4, I believe although it reminds me of the kind of thing you used to be able to see on some Greek islands.

Enough for now. The next challenge is to try to create a category for this kind of thing to go into. I rather fancy ‘musings’. More anon.

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